Saturday, April 23, 2011


At the library a few weeks ago Jackson decided he wanted to go dance in front of everyone.  It was so cute, especially when another little girl wanted to join him.  He sure loves storytime.  He loves singing all of the songs and doing the "actions".   He dances, and is fantastic at marching.  At the end of every song he claps and yells YAY!

Painting a picture on his new art table

Loving it

                                                       ................and a little too excited


A few pics I found on Ryan's computer that never got blogged
Lovin' Breakfast

The box is always the most fun

He made this face for so long we had time to get the phone out and take the picture, we were laughing so hard

The nice Costco lady gave me a cookie


A sunny day in winter, brings the Dad's to visit at lunch

Everyone giving love at Em's 31st Birthday party

Our first Race

Happy Anniversary

Wednesday, April 20, 2011